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“Your prayer request got in my text messages!” ”Your text messages got me praying!”

September 6, 2012

Like chocolate and peanut butter, prayer requests and text messaging go to together in a surprisingly delicious way: Calorie free praying! Could there be a more noble and wonderful purpose for mobile phones than helping us pray more? It sure beats texting about what someone had for lunch yesterday.

Just about everyone has a cell phone these days, and those chirp away an average of 42 times a day with text messages. That lowly text message has a unique way of catching us off guard and demanding our attention. 95% of all text messages get read within 4 minutes and it takes only 4 seconds to read a text message. Imagine how Heaven would respond if 95% of our church or group members read a prayer request and pray on it for four minutes? That would be some powerful praying.

Prayer requests have always been powerful. Without them our Christian church might not have made it out of the first century. Consider Paul, whose letters often asked for prayers, as in Colossians 4:3: “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains.” Or Peter's prison predicament; when word spread, prayers flew to Heaven: “So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him,” (Acts 12:5).

What has changed today is the way we make prayer requests. By text messaging prayer requests, today's churches and groups can immediately connect those requests with others who will pray without regard to time or distance. You can imagine the surprising side-effect this might have for your members. The more people pray for others, the more they will pray themselves and the more they will reach out when they need prayers. It brings the concept of “storming heaven with prayers” to reality.

That is the promise of a new text messaging prayer request service run by The name itself is texting short-hand (PlsPray4 = PleasePrayFor). But don't worry if you missed that, anyone can sponsor and set-up a dedicated prayer request line for any size group or church. No matter why you come together to pray – whether as a church, a religious high school, a bible study group, an alcoholics anonymous group, a ministry, even an extended family --, in less than five minutes anyone can open a dedicated prayer request line with Setting-up and sponsoring a line means you get a dedicated texting phone number just for your church or group. Once set-up, just share your texting phone number with your members and let the praying flourish.

Sounds too easy? Well, God would never make praying difficult. But see for yourself. Pick-up your cell phone right now and join the dedicated text messaging line set-up for readers of Church World Direct. Just text the one word message “Pray” to the group's dedicated number 847-354-4388. Other than your own cell phone charges, there are zero fees to participate. It is 100% free for members. The sponsor covers the set-up fee and minimal monthly administration costs, and donations usually cover the entire cost of the ongoing service making it free for the sponsor.

After joining, participants start receiving prayer requests from other members; maybe one or two a day. They can accept or reject them or make their own prayer requests. Texting “Stop” automatically opts someone out. To create a prayer request, anyone can simply send in a prayer request as a text message to the group's dedicated number and the system will automatically re-text that prayer request out to other participating members for their prayerful support. One important note: The system does not share names or cell numbers between texting phones – all that is kept confidential.

Try setting-up and sponsoring your own prayer request line for your church, group or even extended family. Just go to to start. The normal $50 set-up fee is being reduced to just $1.00 for any new group starting before September 30, 2012. God Bless and let's pray more!

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