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2012 Believe World Tour- MULTIPLE DATES & LOCATIONS

Friday, January 27, 2012

Believe is the ministry of Christ In Youth that specializes in Jr. High programming. For more than 10 years, CIY has provided high-energy, Christ-centered events just for Jr. high students and their sponsors. We are intentional about reaching Jr. high students for Christ - on their level.

A believe weekend is so many things. It's about you connecting with your students. It's about your students connecting with the Word. A believe weekend is intentional and for jr. high students only.

Two-days at believe will change your students' lives. Believe uses tactile and interactive experience stations, structured free time, intentional small group times within the group, and engaging worship that will bring your students to moments of crazy energy and contemplation before God. Throughout the event, we use God’s word, inspiring stories, and community encounters that will lead to conversations and lots of FUN! It is highly engaging and a dynamic program that creates small group opportunities that will open doors to your junior high ministry. Believe promises to be an intense, inspiring, and amazing experience for jr. highers of any walk.

2012 Dates & Locations

  • Fullerton, CA January 27 - 28
  • Tulsa, OK February 03 - 04
  • Peoria, IL February 10 - 11
  • St. Louis, MO February 17 - 18
  • Cincinnati, OH February 24 - 25
  • Kissimmee, FL March 09 - 10
  • Arlington, TX March 16 - 17
  • Portland, OR March 30 - 31
  • Atlanta, GA April 13 - 14
  • Anderson, IN1 April 20 - 21
  • Anderson, IN2 April 21 - 22
  • Holland, MI April 27 - 28

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