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Bible Bookmarks

Bible Bookmarks 4370 Chicago Dr # 225
Grandville, MI 49418

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Ten's of thousands of children have had the opportunity to read God's Word for themselves using the Bible Bookmarks since 1998. Thousands of Children's Ministry Leaders have found the Bible Bookmarks to be an effective way to encourage children to explore God's Word. We would love to help you encourage your children to be in God's Word as well. If you are new to the Bible Bookmarks, take some time to get familiar with what they are and how they are used. If you are still not sure if they would be right for your church, family, or group, you can order three free samples.

- The Bible Bookmarks provide an effective tool to bring parents and children together to read God's Word, pray, and talk about the Bible

- Each Bible Bookmark has short passages centered on one topic helping children read what the Bible says about a topic for a whole week. This keeps them focused and helps them retain the Truth in their hearts.

- Interest-catching graphics and bright colors make Bible Bookmarks appealing. Let's face it, children do judge a book by its cover.

- Each week children receive a new, creatively designed Bible Bookmarks which provides the church or family with many ways to reinforce their use through rewards and incentives.

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The Bible Bookmarks can be used through churches, ministry organizations, schools, or as a family.

Children receive a new Bible Bookmarks each week. The Bible Bookmark is based on a single topic and helps children read through different Bible passages based on that topic.

Most churches will hand a new Bible Bookmark out to children on Sunday. During the week the children, along with their parents or on their own, read the passages for each day. They can also answer the questions for Wednesday and Friday on the back of the Bookmarks.

On the following Sunday, the children will return to church with their completed Bible Bookmark at which time the church or ministry leader can provide an incentive for those children who completed the Bible Bookmarks. We provide a number of suggestions when you order to help your church have a successful experience.

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