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Dew Learning

Dew Learning Phone: (770) 240-1005 x101
Email: info@dewlearning.com
Website: www.DewLearning.com

Company Info

Dew Learning grew out of the founders’ passion to help God’s people everywhere raise up the next generation of godly and wise followers of Jesus Christ. With diverse backgrounds but common vision, our desire is to create a unique, vibrant educational experience that enables students and their teachers to develop an understanding of all things that is biblically faithful, intellectually sound, applicable to all areas of life, and a blessing to the world.

Products & Services

Dew Learning’s curriculum combines first-rate academics, sound pedagogy, and state-of-the-art technology – grounded in biblical truth and centered on Jesus Christ. The curriculum focuses on both acquisition of knowledge and competencies AND development of curiosity and thinking skills. With Jesus Christ at the center, our aim is to shape both minds and hearts in his image.

In 2013, we launch our iPad and online curriculum for grades kindergarten through fourth grade for our international audience. In the summer of 2014, we will provide curriculum through the twelfth grade.



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