Wyoming Marriage Laws

Wyoming Marriage

Couples who choose to marry in Wyoming will be pleased to hear that they do not have to be residents of Wyoming to marry; nor is there a waiting period to marry in the state of Wyoming. But what else do couples need to know before they can legally marry in Wyoming? Read on further to find the answer to this, and many other, questions.

Wyoming Marriage License

Unlike many other states that issue marriage licenses with an expiration date, marriage licenses issued in Wyoming are indefinite, meaning you and your fiancĂ©(e) have no actual time limit within which to marry after a marriage license is issued. The only requirement is that you use your marriage license to actually marry in Wyoming, as the marriage license is invalid if used elsewhere in the country. Proxy marriages are prohibited in Wyoming, as are common law and same sex unions. The bride and groom must bring along a witness who knows them well when they apply to the County Clerk’s Office for a marriage license.


The bride and groom must bring along valid, satisfactory proof of their identity when they apply for a Wyoming marriage license from the County Clerk’s Office, preferably photographic proof that lists their full names and ages. In addition to photographic identification, the bride and groom must also bring along a certified copy of their birth certificates and know their parents’ full names, their place(s) of birth and each mother’s maiden name.

Wyoming Marriage License Fee

The current Wyoming marriage license fee is $30.00. Make sure you bring the correct money in cash when you pay for your marriage license.


No blood tests are required for couples choosing to marry in Wyoming.

Marriageable Age

Adults aged 18 and above do not need parental consent to marry in the state of Wyoming. However, minors under the age of 18 must have the written consent of their parents or guardians. Couples under the age of 16 wishing to marry can only be granted permission to marry through a court order.


All licensed or ordained ministers are permitted to perform marriages in Wyoming. Once the marriage ceremony has been performed, the minister must give the bride and groom a marriage certificate and then ensure that they return a certificate to the County Clerk.

Couples who marry in Wyoming must first apply to the County Clerk’s Office for a marriage license and bring along proof of their identity, age and the correct fee in cash. There are no residency or blood test requirements. A Wyoming marriage license is indefinite. However, it is only valid in Wyoming. To find out which Wyoming County Clerk’s Office you should apply to for a marriage license in Wyoming, visit: https://www.usmarriagelaws.com/marriage-license/wyoming/county-clerks/office-requirements.shtml

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